Participates in CIES Annual Conference in San Francisco

The 14th of April,2019 marked the beginning of the CIES Annual Conferences- an academic convention attended by researchers, students, practitioners and policymakers interested in comparative and international education. And as part of this event, Society members and the interested public gather together for scholarly and practical exchange, as well as for debate and networking — via lectures, research presentations, workshops, book talks, social events, and more.
In the Conference, Ms. Mayyada Abu-Jaber addressed the topic of “Transforming Beliefs to Support Women Economic Empowerment” – white paper (link).
In the session, Ms. Mayyada shared the experience of World of Letters in piloting a career counceling program at the Ministry of Education. The Career Counselling Program was designed to trigger a process of transformative learning regarding student’s assumptions about the desirability of vocational work and the legitimacy and desirability of women in work, particularly vocational work. The Career Counselling Guide, upon which the program is based, includes activities and information which aim to create a dilemma by confronting students with a new perspective on vocational work and women in vocational jobs that contradicts currently-held assumptions and beliefs.