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02 Workforce Development

Youth in the MENA region face multiple barriers to their entry into the workforce including community-specific cultural barriers and sector-specific skill barriers. We believe that a holistic approach to workforce development is needed to empower youth to overcome the obstacles faced and enhance the economic stability and prosperity of the region.

Our approach addresses both, cultural and skill barriers to youth employment through a wide range of programs. We provide ToT career counseling training, work-ethics training, job-placement programs, media fellowship programs as well as consultancy services. We deliver high quality, cost effective learning and development solutions by working in partnership with governments, external funding partners, private sector and training and development agencies.

Our Job Placement (JP) Programs are implemented in partnership with the private sector, such as the Al Asalah Academy, and offer youth a unique possibility to participate in technical skills training which is tailored towards concrete job-placement offers. Skill needs assessment surveys are conducted targeting specific growth sectors to highlight skill gaps which are eventually used to devise customized training programs. This demand driven approach provides youth with a real option for a better future.

Our intensive Work-ethics program trains youth to become reliable, dedicated and productive workers, creating changes in attitudes and behavior that will enable them to succeed on the labor market. Integrity, Commitment, Dignity, Respect, Loyalty, Justice, Equality and Humility, are our core values of work-ethics. Each value is dealt with in depth during the period of one week. Our curriculum is unique in that it focuses on overcoming culturally rooted and gender-based restrictions regarding girls’ and boys’ career options. It is designed to create a Culture of Work through which women and men can equally work in vocational jobs and professions which are currently considered as culturally unacceptable are equally recognized.

Reaching the full potential of youth by providing demand driven training and securing employment is the core of our partnership with the Al Asalah Academy. Focusing on the HVAC and renewable energy sector, we equip youth with both, strong work-ethics as well as technical skills. Successful graduates are placed in pre-committed jobs at the end of the training program, offering them a real chance to start a successful career.