Our Network

  • Vital Voices: We increase our capacities as leaders in developing education content in the MENA region by being part of the Vital Voices GROW Fellowship 2015-2016.
  • Arab Environmental Ethics Network (AEEN): We are involved in defining environmental ethics principles for Jordan and the region.
  • Center for Environmental Ethics and Law: We are part of the Ethics Specialist Group developing a global and living ethics code for biodiversity conservation.
  • Echidna Global Scholars Alumni/Brookings Institution: We conducted cutting edge research on prevailing beliefs about women and economic life (Jo-Womenomics) in Jordan as an Echidna fellow at Brookings in 2014.
  • Global Network for Girls’ Education Leaders: We serve as the MENA regional hub for Girls’ Education Leaders as part of the global network “A Global Network to Strengthen and Empower Girls’ Education Leaders“ founded by the Brookings Institute.