Monitoring and Evaluation

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08 Monitoring and Evaluation

World of Letters (WoL) has profound experience in working on funded contracts covering a wide range of themes and industries including: education, gender, humanitarian and environmental projects.Students learn through experiences, besides when children are so young, they need visual to learn. The AR would improve the content of World of Letters flagship Early Childhood Curriculum using interactive technology and keep students engaged, personalize their individual learning and get them interested.

The WoL provides credible high-quality research, evaluation and strategy services, both technical and financial; to improve public sector efficiency and effectiveness and to ensure national strategic development goals are met. At the Ministry of Education, assessment and surveys were crucial in refining curriculum, training on career guidance and early childhood programs, gender mainstreaming, learning environment and community integration in school construction activities. WoL Collaborated with the Vocational Training Corporation (VTC) operating under the Ministry of Labor to implement labor market interventions such as specialized vocational training and policy level decision making in the vocational sector to ensure efficiency of training. Environmental assessments include knowledge, attitude and practice surveys for children and youth in schools and public spaces. Results informed a cross-sector ministries on actions needed to be taken to ensure environmental sustainability.