Integrating career counselling services in the public schools is crucial to provide youth with the necessary guidance they need to make reasoned career choices. While often a difficult process, choosing the right career not only leads to individual self-fulfillment but also to prosperity for societies as a whole. Jordan currently foregoes that potential as young peoples’ career choices are often based on cultural norms that have little to do with the individuals’ abilities or the demands of the labor market.

In partnership with the ministry of education we make sure that students in almost 2.000 public schools in Jordan are provided with the right guidance to decide upon their future careers. We encourage youth to think beyond gender-based limitations, achieving positive impact on individual and social well-being. Implemented through a cascading training model by means of a training of trainers (ToT), our program allows for scaling while ensuring quality and sustainability.

The project is realized under the financial support of Takamol, a USAID funded project.