Client: USAID/ Public Action Project funded by USAID with the lead organisaiton ECODIT

Project descirtipon: A qualitative survy of the knowldege, attitude and behavior of children and youth ages 7 to 24 towards water and energy conservatrion and littering. – finalized in 2010

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Due to its broad experience in developing interactive Arabic curricula and environmental education

materials, the World of Letters (WoL) was contracted by the Public Action for Water, Energy and Environment Project (PAP), a USAID funded  project, to implement a survey to provide an informed overview of current practices and youth perspectives on environmental issues.

The objectives of the project as relevant to this survey and outlined by the Public Action for Water, Energy and Environment Project were to develop young people’s knowledge around the scarcity and limitations of resources; encourage individual action that can contribute to conservation of these resources; and educate young people on how science and technology can provide alternatives to improve consumption patterns.

To address these objectives, the World of Letters provided lead technical support in designing and conducting a survey of children and youth to assess their behavior and attitude on environmental issues: water, energy and solid waste.


To accomplish the survey, the WoL conducted a mapping and qualitative survey to assess the presence of environmental concepts in the formal, informal and the non-formal education sectors. The survey include review of formal textbooks, interviews, and focus group discussions. The qualitative survey was used as a baseline to identify attitudes and behavioral changes to be associated with the interventions of this project.  Concepts of importance and gaps in the different components were identified and strategies will be recommended to ensure longitudinal change which will be beneficial for the future planning for the project.