Dear Colleagues,

The World of Letters, a social enterprise based in Amman, has recently been selected as the MENA regional hub for girls’ education’ leaders as part of the global “Girls’ Champion Network” spearheaded by the Brookings Institution and coordinated by Graduate Women International (GWI).

The network brings together girls education leaders from five regions globally that are assembled through five regional hubs to take global collective action for girls’ education (for further details see: The networks’ mission is “to empower and strengthen girls’ education leaders to ensure that all girls have safe learning and skill-building opportunities “.

The MENA regional hub will focus on mind-set change and removing barriers for girls’ education, particularly as regards girls’ transition from education into meaningful work. The main objectives of the hub are to Connect, Share Knowledge and Innovate, and Build Capacity.

For the establishment of the MENA regional hub we are looking for 20 girls’ education leaders from the MENA region, who will serve as founding members. The founding members will ideally come from different sectors of society (education, private sector, public sector, NGOs) and:

1) Have a passion for girls’ education;

2) Are an emerging leader with a demonstrated commitment to girls’ education;

3) In three to five years, is a potential mobilizer and/or policy shaper;

4) Are dedicated to working within the network, including in the context of a working group to focus on moving forward a specific issue.

In case you consider yourself as potential candidate of the hub or you know of potential candidates for the MENA hub, it would be great if you could send us contact details and CV by the 1st April to . We will then send an invitation and further information to nominated candidates, who will be asked to submit a statement of interest by the 10 of April and will be notified of our selection by the 1st of May.

In case you have any further questions, please send us an email to:

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

The World of Letters Team