Leaders in Girls’ Education

The successful transition from education into work and secured livelihoods is one of the major challenges currently faced by women in the MENA region. We believe that opening up new possibilities for women to become economically active and make their own decisions about their future career is not only a human right but will also help communities flourish.

Our approach uses education to address cultural barriers that are among the major obstacles which prevent women from entering the labor market. We work with local communities and relevant stakeholders to make women’s economic activity both legitimate and desirable.

Our Programs


Our Jo-Womenomics initiative addresses cultural barriers towards women in work through three distinct components:

  • The Jo-Womenomics Working Group, assembling like-minded people from different sectors of society, including Jordanian educators, scholars, leaders, policy makers and specialists, to engage in dialogue, create content and formulate unified messages regarding women in work. These individuals play the essential role of accountable guardians within their respective organizations, ensuring long-lasting change in perceptions and behavior.
  • An interactive Jo-Womenomics Online Portal, encouraging the exchange of ideas, content and knowledge related to Jo-Womenomics and providing access to excellent educational resources developed as part of the initiative.
  • Training of trainers (ToT), sensitizing selected individuals from the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Labor, and the Vocational Training Corporation on gender issues as they relate to women’s participation in the economy. We introduce positive messaging and standardize methodologies.

Our approach focuses on creating change from within by engaging local decision makers and local communities who become our partners in working towards changing attitudes regarding women in work.


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The MENA Regional Hub for Girls’ Education Leaders

Our MENA regional hub brings together girls’ education leaders from different countries and various sectors of society. These leaders work at the forefront towards facilitating women’s transition from education to the labor market. We strengthen their efforts and maximize their impact by providing an opportunity to connect, share and exchange knowledge and gain access to capacity building activities. Leaders also benefit from a global pool of experts and a dynamic source of knowledge, assembled by the Brookings Initiative “A Global Network to Strengthen and Empower Girls’ Education Leaders” of which our regional hub forms an integral part.

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Our Projects

ToT Career Counselling Training towards a Culture of Work

Empowering nearly 2000 school counsellors in Jordan to guide youth in making reasoned career choices, think beyond gender-based limitations and become aware of the realities of the labor market.

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Engaging local communities to change attitudes regarding women in work.

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Breaking Through Glass Doors

A Gender Analysis of Womenomics in the Jordanian National Curriculum conducted at Brookings under the Echidna Global Scholars Program.

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