Believing in evidence based intervention, the New Venture Fund supported the full establishment of our Jo-Womenomics initiative. As the outcome of over ten years of experiences, the initiative focuses on increasing female employment rates by addressing subjective barriers to women in work through the engagement of local communities.

We have assembled like-minded educators, officials from the ministry of education (MoE) and the ministry of labor (MoL) as well as other relevant stakeholders who engage in dialogue and serve as accountable guardians within their own organizations. Together we have formulated positive messages that are grounded in religion and economics and created high quality educational content such as the Career Counselling Guide and the Work-Ethics Curriculum.

We have established an interactive Jo-Womenomics online portal to facilitate dialogue and the exchange of knowledge. The portal provides access to excellent content developed by the J-WWG and allows different stakeholders to upload materials and share ideas.

As a major success of our initiative, we were able to generate the support of the Ministry of Education to implement our training of trainers program for career counselling in all public schools in Jordan.