Our “Early Childhood Arabic Literacy Program” is a multi-sensory, phonetic based and scientifically tested program that sequentially develops from KG 1 and 2 until school grade 3. The program contextualizes the learning of letters by grounding them in Arabic culture and values. Each letter is embedded in a story and/or linked to a subject that originates from or affects the Arab world. Students thereby not only learn their language but are also introduced to and become aware of the social and cultural context they live in. Furthermore, the multi-sensory and phonetic based approach makes learning fun for children and improves learning outcomes. The recently created app lets characters appear in a three-dimensional way, making it particularly attractive for the visual sense.

The entire program comes with a package of student books (both study and work-books) as well as a teacher’s guide. It is accompanied by a training for teachers conducted by our education experts.