To develop fundamental principles and a living code of ethics for biodiversity conservation is the endeavor of the global Biosphere Ethics Initiative that started in 2004. Due to our expertise in the design and implementation of Environmental Education (EE) programs we became part of the Ethics Specialist Group. The group, which is led by the Center for Human and Nature in Chicago, was formed to develop the environmental ethics code as laid out in the resolution 3.020 Drafting a Code of Ethics for Biodiversity Conservation, developed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

As part of our engagement in the Specialist group, we have been hosting the first environmental ethics conference taking place in 2011 in Jordan. Participating in the conference were EE specialist and participants of the BEI consultancy groups from USA, France, Germany, Brazil, South Africa and New Zealand. The conference also hosted speakers from different international and Jordanian organizations. The specialist group visited several field sites in Jordan to whiteness ethics in action and prepare a local Jordanian ethics document to be shared with the Jordanian ministry of environment.