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Description: developing  an global environmental ethics framework.


Detailed description:

The World of Letters has expertise in the design and implementation of Environmental Education programs which focus on curriculum development, teacher training and producing e-learning materials. The staff of the World of Letters implemented one of the first EE programs with the Ministry of Education under the WEPIA project which included producing one of the first EE curriculum, teacher’s guides and water education CD.  The team of specialist at the World of Letters serve as Environmental Education and Ethics consultants locally, regionally and as part of the Biosphere Ethics Project- one of IUCN initiatives to develop an Environmental Ethics framework..

Biosphere Ethics Project started in  2005 spearheaded by the  Center for Human and Nature in Chicago and has led the endeavor toward the creation of a living code of ethics for biodiversity conservation; a program based in science, law and philosophy with the aim to transform and inspire communities to conserve biodiversity. The program is structured such that its foundational principles aim to be global, yet implementation is region-specific

World of letters consultants hosted the first environmental ethics conference in Jordan in 2011. Participating in the conference were EE specialist and part of the BEI consultancy group from USA, France, Germany, Brazil, South Africa and New Zealand. The conference hosted speakers from different NOG’s and organizations in Jordan. The specialist group visited several field sites in Jordan to whiteness ethics in action. The group is currently preparing an local Jordanian ethics document to share with the Jordanian ministry of environment.