Helping leader and organizations perform

To provide a cutting edge human resources consultancy and unparalleled training services to organisations to help leaders make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements to the performance of their organizations both on the strategic level and operational levels

To provide professional HR consulting services based on international best practices and standards to suit the global business climate. Consult WoL focuses on developing and implementing Globalized solutions to business leaders and organizations.

Our services include ability to set up HR Business Strategy, Coaching, Human Resources Practices, Training and People Development, Career Path & Talent Management, Customer Service, and Operational Performance Efficiency, with a proven ability to positively influence at both strategic & operational levels, with an exposure to a multitude of international, regional & local working environments in the government and private sector. We also provide workforce development and training programs.

Our role is to provide a cutting edge consultancy and unparalleled training services to our clients with a proven ability to positively influence at both strategic & operational levels, with an exposure to a multitude of international, regional & local working environments in the government and private sector


HR Audit

A Human Resources Audit is a comprehensive method to review current human resources policies, procedures, documentation and systems to identify needs for improvement and enhancement of the HR function as well as to ensure compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations. An Audit involves systematically reviewing all aspects of human resources, usually in a checklist fashion

HR Strategy

The core of every company rests on a solid overarching strategy developed from the company’s overall strategy and a closely aligned HR strategy. This alignment ensures that the most critical resource to the company, “its people,” is linked with the company’s mission, vision, and goals

Organization Structure and Organizational Re-structuring

To assists organizations set their structures reflecting the appropriate business model, functional alignment and classification in accordance with international best practices and industry norms. Taking into consideration; synchronization of the organization, the span of management, centralization vs. decentralization, managerial levels, communication channels, authorities & responsibilities that best fit the vision, mission, culture and strategic direction

Job Descriptions

Nowadays, Human Resources Management uses a diversity of tools to give an organization a significant added value in accomplishing its goals and results. Each organization has its own specific structure, with “jobs” that require a clear view on what, where, how and when certain things should be done. One key HR tool that is widely used is the process in which the job is being defined, evaluated, analyzed, and finally valued against the market. A clear understanding of the responsibilities, tasks and minimum requirements of the jobs is therefore of primary importance.

We understand that although there are not too many jobs at present, the number will soon be on the rise as the Foundation grows in the Short- and Long-Term. To that effect, it becomes necessary to review the available job descriptions for the current roles and the template used, to ensure we have a solid process towards developing new job descriptions that cover all the organization departments and that support any future role growth

Compensation and Benefit and Competency Framework

Competency framework aims at clearly defining what is expected of employees at all levels of the organization. The developed framework is both anchored in the culture of the organization, future oriented, easy to understand and has applications across the whole range of Human Resources management and development activities.

The identification of role competencies is an integral part of the client assignments that we undertake. Our systems, processes and methodology facilitate the development of a competency framework; using the factors it utilizes to grade the roles as the basis of this process, namely:

l  Functional knowledge

l  Business Knowledge

l  Leadership

l  Problem solving

l  Interpersonal skills

Role competency requirements can be identified and maintained for all jobs and job families within the organization.  In most cases, a job family comprises multiple jobs and job competency levels.  Naturally, each job level has its own set of competencies that are required from the job holder, in order to be able to perform at a satisfactory level.

Defining a multi-dimensional competency framework, which can be applied to multiple settings across the various disciplines and levels within any organization, could be a long, costly and challenging process. However, we do have a pre-selection of possible competencies to choose from, which will reduce the time involved and keep the cost down.

Performance Management Framework

Performance Appraisal and Management system fulfills the organization’s evaluative and developmental objectives. The designed system utilizes different methods of performance appraisal and management depending on the nature of work and managerial level. It includes identification of the appraisal cycle, responsibilities, procedures, and appraisal interview structure, recommendations for action and related tools and forms.

Career Paths

Career Planning and Development is the process where employees strategically explore, plan and create their future progression within the organization by designing a personal learning plan to achieve their potential and fulfill the organization need for a vital and effective workforce.
We assist organizations through developing Career Path Planning & Development framework which involves continuous learning, seeking new opportunities and finding ways to contribute to the organization in a productive and motivated manner; balancing the organization and employees objectives.

HR Policies and Procedures Manual

A comprehensive manual covering all policies, procedures as well as processes and forms related to human resources in accordance to local labor laws and best practices which includes; Appointment, Transfer, Assignment & Secondment, Working Hours & Overtime, Leave & Absence, Travel, Relocation & Transportation, Disciplinary Actions, Grievance & Appeal, …Etc.

HR Tools

Human Resource departments have many different aspects that can be forgotten or become unbearable if they are not well organized and well constructed. We can help to make sure that your human resource department is functioning at its best and most efficient.
We can help by evaluating current high value-added human resources practices and tools and then improve them or create those that you don’t have. Some of the different aspects we evaluate are:

  • Employee Handbooks
  • Forms, Templates, and Checklists (i.e. Call in form, attendance calendar, Personnel Evaluation)
  • Recruitment Tools (i.e. Application, Reference Check, Interview Evaluation)

Compliance Standards with Appropriate Legislation

Capacity Building Programs

Capacity Building allied with the development of human resources is acknowledged to be one of the most important aspects in improving the capabilities, qualifications, knowledge and behavior of managers and employees.

We work with the management team on developing and delivering The Capacity Building Program aims to challenge and support the leaders to pursuit excellence. Developing recognized training courses for supervisors and managers designed to equip them with appropriate skills and competencies.

Increasing productivity, performance and building organizational loyalty and commitment.

Developing a continuous process of learning and development, raising-up the learning curve of the available Human Resources Capital, by applying multiple tutoring, training and coaching techniques.
Our methodology enables leaders to define vision and direction, and be convinced beyond doubt that they are single-handedly capable of boosting organizational output. This recognition places a demand on the managers to step beyond limitations and act on opportunities never considered before.

Change Management

In today’s paced business environment change is a constant force. The pressure of change comes from all sides and directions; globalization, government initiatives, competition, improving the quality of work, creating learning organizations, and the pace is ever increasing. Thus, organizations have to reshape to remain competitive in an-ever changing business environment. Managing change in any organization is not an easy task, and with change comes organizational resistance and conflict.

WoL has identified and designed organizational change management methodology that improves and facilitates the implementation of change within organizations.

Recruitment & Selection System

Finding qualified employees can be the most difficult and time-consuming function of HR. Recruitment, the “marketing” function of human resources, requires lots of creativity to find quality candidates that will fit with the organization’s culture and remain with the company over time; the average cost of turnover is 50 – 150% of an employee’s salary. Recruitment plays an integral part of getting the employee started on the right foot, which is key for increased retention and reduced turnover.

Recruitment & Selection encompasses the development of processes and procedures for managing the recruitment function to suit the organization’s needs including; building a database, advertising job openings, collecting information for prospective job applicants and the identification of sources for applicants. In addition to, establishing a complete selection and screening methodology along with all the required forms and tests.