The World of Letters prides itself on putting data first. We provide impact assessments; KAP surveys. With data-driven solutions, our consultants offer concrete strategies built on the strength of existing practices.
WoL carried out an impact evaluation for the CIDA (Canadian Development Agency)  funded early childhood project by introducing the early childhood Letterland ESL program to 15 KG’s in Jordan and comparing those to a control KG. WoL developed the Advanced Learning Program (ALP) entry level tests for Syrian refugees at the Zatari camp funded by the NRC- Norwegian Refugee Council. WoL carried out three research papers for the USAID-funded project “PAP”, implemented by ECODIT, to evaluate the knowledge, attitude and participation of the youth regarding environmental issues, focusing on the formal, informal/non-formal education systems.
WoL developed a framework for environmental ethics and behavioral change (EBC) for public school teachers.
The program was coupled with training on the use of support workbooks, teachers’ guides and community mapping booklets.
World of letters is the Regional representative on the Arab Network for Environmental Ethics, endorsed by ASESCWA. WoL is part of the Biosphere Ethics Initiative (BEI)- one of IUCN initiatives driven by the Center for Human and Nature to develop environmental ethics globally.