The World of Letters is different. It offers an innovative vision of what the learning environment should become by applying what we know about how people learn and adapting the best pedagogy to meet the needs of the new generation of learners.

Students are engaged in relevant and contextual problems and project-based learning. Focusing on a holistic multi-sensory approach, we aim to cater for all styles of learning. Digital content is a critical product that we offer to help foster inquisitive and life-long learners.

The World of Letters has produced environmental and educational teacher support materials to enhance the national Jordanian curriculum. The Environmental Behavioural Change (EBC) program is designed to introduce a multi-disciplinary approach to learning about and for the environment. By using inquiry-based learning, students develop projects in their local environment and formulate active groups that work towards environmental conservation and advocacy.

The World of Letters is a pioneer in producing locally authored “History of the Greater Syria” textbooks using inquiry based learning for grades 6 through 10 which has been piloted at a private school in Jordan. The World of Letters, in collaboration with Letterland International (LLI), is currently developing an early childhood Arabic curriculum¬† for K – 3.

The curriculum uses a revolutionary scheme for teaching early childhood learners to read and write Arabic. This program is designed so that learning becomes meaningful, linking it to real life experience and simulating the child’s imagination to learn by association and play.

The World of Letters developed e-content for the formal environmental education program launched on the Children Museum of Jordan.